Herman Edward – Biography

Herman Edward is the founder of Unified Garden, a gardening Blog.

Herman got his start in gardening at the age of 12 when he began helping out at his mother’s garden. He took to it immediately, and soon found himself spending all his spare time working on it. At age 15, he began working for other people’s gardens in exchange for money or materials.

That’s when he realized that there was a huge demand for good gardeners, but that no one was offering training courses. So he decided to become an expert in the field himself and so did his friend, Hellen James!

Together they founded Unified Garden to teach others how to grow beautiful gardens just like they had done for decades at their family home.

They offer classes on everything from basic maintenance to advanced techniques like grafting orchids and growing rare plants from seeds. Their goal is to empower people with knowledge so they can make their own gardens beautiful and healthy again and have fun doing it!