14 Best Places To Buy Indoor Plants Online

Discover the convenience and diversity of online shopping for your indoor garden with these 14 best places to buy indoor plants online. This blog post shares a selection of top online retailers to help you find the perfect plants to suit your taste and needs.

As you dive into the world of online plant shopping, consider enhancing your indoor garden with plants that are perfect for the workplace or explore indoor plants that increase your home’s value. Ready to embrace the ease and excitement of shopping for indoor plants online? Explore this blog post and find the best destinations to source your perfect plants.

Key Takeaways
Buying indoor plants online can be a convenient and easy way to add greenery to your home.
There are many great online retailers for buying indoor plants, each with their own unique selection and features.
When shopping for indoor plants online, be sure to consider factors like plant size, care instructions, and shipping costs.
Caring for indoor plants involves providing them with the right amount of water, light, and nutrients.
Some easy-to-care-for indoor plants for beginners include the snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant.

The Sill

The Sill is the plant lover’s paradise, with a wide variety of plants and everything you need to keep them healthy. Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your office, or want some greenery in your living room (or both), they have you covered. 

They also have seasonal offerings so that you can always find the perfect plant at just the right time of year, no matter what kind of occasion it may be birthday? New baby? Hanging out on the couch watching Netflix? You name it! And if you’re really going all out, 

The Sill has got plenty of budget-friendly options as well.


Amazon is a go to place for so many things. It’s no wonder that it also sells indoor plants, from a variety of vendors. 

And if you’re looking for something specific, Amazon has an excellent search function that allows you to narrow down your search by type, size and price range.

With such an abundance of options, choosing the best plants can be difficult and if you don’t like what you’ve purchased, Amazon has an excellent return policy for most items (including plants). Plus, its customer service reputation is pretty solid!

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Bloomscape is a plant delivery service that offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, including succulents, cacti, orchids and more. 

They offer free shipping on orders over $49 (or free in-store pickup). Returns are also free if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Bloomsacpe has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products so you can shop with confidence.


Etsy is a great place to find indoor plants for your home. With over one million sellers and a wide selection of planters and plants, the e-commerce site will have something for everyone.

Most of the products available on Etsy are handmade by local sources or producers, so you can feel good about supporting small businesses while adding some greenery to your space. You’ll also find Etsy sellers who sell products like succulents, cacti, orchids and air plants (to name just a few).

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Home Depot

Home Depot is a good option if you are looking for a wide variety of indoor plants, as well as outdoor plants. 

They have both potted and bareroot options available. Their website features plant tags that show you all the information about each plant, including its height and how much sun or shade it needs to thrive.

You can also find an assortment of items that will make your plants happy, such as fertilizer, pots and hanging baskets. If you’re not sure what kind of plant would be best suited for your space or budget (and who doesn’t love options?), 

Check out their “Plant Finder” tool which lets you search by size, shape and color so that they’ll know exactly what type of indoor greenery will fit into your space with ease!

If this sounds like something up your alley (literally), then don’t wait around too long—Home Depot does not ship live plants outside the continental United States due to weather conditions affecting shipping times during winter months so plan ahead accordingly!

Léon & George

Léon & George is a plant shop in the heart of New York City with a wide variety of indoor plants, ranging from succulents to bonsai trees. 

They offer a huge selection for those looking for some greenery in their apartments or homes. Just be warned that this place is tiny and crowded with people who want to buy stuff (and get out of there ASAP).

In addition to having an extensive collection of succulents and other types of potted plants, Léon & George also offers free delivery within Manhattan if you spend over $50.

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Lowe’s has a wide variety of indoor plants, from bonsai trees to succulents. Their website offers thousands of options for all stages of growth, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need. They also have a great selection of pots and accessories to help you take care of your new plant!

The House Plant Shop

The House Plant Shop ships plants all over the United States via FedEx and USPS. Shipping is free for orders over $50, but it’s much more expensive if you’re ordering only one or two plants. For example, shipping costs $14.99 on an order of three plants and $21.99 on an order of six plants (the largest size). 

If your plant arrives damaged or not up to snuff, they will replace it at no extra cost to you just send them a photo of the plant in question (via email) with your order number visible in it, then they’ll send out another one right away!

Orders take 4-6 days to process; during this time The House Plant Shop will send you an email notification letting you know when your order has been shipped so make sure to check these notifications often!

Love and Landscape Plants

Love and Landscape Plants is a wholesale nursery based in Florida that specializes in plants. They offer a wide range of succulents, cacti and other indoor plants. The site is easy to use and offers plenty of photos for each plant (or group of plants).

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Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout is a family-owned business, which started in 2008. They have a wide selection of indoor plants, including succulents, air plants, and cacti. They have a large variety of plants for sale and are based in Portland, Oregon.

Nature Niche

Nature Niche is a nursery in North Carolina that specializes in rare and hard-to-find plants. They have an incredible selection of indoor plants, from succulents to air plants to trees and shrubs. 

They sell a wide range of sizes, including flowers that are just 2” tall up to shrubs that are over 6 feet tall! They also offer a great selection of containers: ceramic pots, terrariums (which can be sealed with glass or acrylic), wooden boxes and more.

Paisley Farms & Nursery Inc.

Paisley Farms & Nursery Inc. is a family-owned nursery specializing in rare and unusual plants, with more than 100,000 in stock. Paisley Farms also provides professional plant care services to the Central Oregon community.

Located in Paisley, Oregon, the nursery was founded by Peter C. Dubois in the early 1960s on his family farm near La Pine (about 15 miles east of Bend). Today it’s run by his grandson Brent Dubois and son John (who had been involved with the company since he was 10 years old).

Pistils Nursery

If you’re looking for a great plant shop in Portland, Oregon, Pistils Nursery is the place to go. They have a wide selection of plants that are hard to find elsewhere. 

Their succulents are beautiful and their cacti selection is huge! If you’re looking for an orchid, they have an amazing selection that will surely please even the pickiest plant lover.

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IKEA is a great place to buy indoor plants online. They have a wide selection of indoor plants, outdoor plants, succulents, and houseplants.

IKEA also offers an option called the IKEA 365+ program which allows you to return broken or dead plants within 30 days of purchase without any questions asked.


With all these online options, it’s easy to find the right plant for your home and your lifestyle. And with so many different types of plants available, you can always find something new and exciting! 

Whether you want to brighten up your living space or add some greenery to a houseplant-starved office, there are plenty of options out there for you. Just remember that the most important thing is choosing a plant that suits both your taste and needs whether those are aesthetic or functional. 

Happy shopping!

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What are the best places to buy indoor plants online?

There are many great online retailers for buying indoor plants, including The Sill, Bloomscape, and Etsy. Check out some of the comprehensive guides mentioned in the “Further Reading” section for more options.

How do I choose the right indoor plants for my home?

Choosing the right indoor plants depends on several factors, including the amount of light in your home, the temperature, and the level of care you’re willing to provide. Consider consulting with a plant expert or using online resources to help you choose the best plants for your space.

How do I care for indoor plants once I’ve bought them online?

Caring for indoor plants involves providing them with the right amount of water, light, and nutrients. Be sure to read up on the specific care instructions for each plant you purchase, and consider investing in a good set of plant care tools and resources.

Can I return indoor plants if they don’t thrive in my home?

Many online retailers offer return policies for indoor plants, but the specifics can vary. Be sure to check the return policy of each retailer you purchase from, and reach out to customer service if you have any concerns or questions.

What are some of the best indoor plants for beginners?

Some easy-to-care-for indoor plants for beginners include the snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant. Be sure to consult with an expert or do some research to find the best plants for your specific needs and environment.