Can I Apply Grubex To A Wet Lawn? 

Grubs can cause significant damage to your lawn, so protecting it with a product like Grubex is important. But can you apply it to a wet lawn? Our blog post on Can I Apply Grubex to a Wet Lawn? provides valuable information on the best time to apply Grubex and how to do it properly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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Prevent Grubs With One Product / GrubEx Application
Applying Grubex on a wet lawn can reduce its effectiveness and cause it to wash away.
Grubex should be applied in the late spring to early summer for maximum effectiveness.
It is recommended to keep pets away from the treated area until the Grubex has had a chance to dry completely.
There are alternative methods to aerating a lawn without using a machine, such as using a garden fork or nail shoes.
Wet grass can cause damage to lawn mowers by clogging up the blades and causing the engine to stall.

Can I Apply Grubex® To A Wet Lawn?

Grubex should not be applied to a wet lawn. The active ingredients in Grubex may not be able to penetrate the weeds or grass when they are still growing, but will remain on top of the soil surface and may wash away during rain events. 

If you apply Grubex to a wet lawn, it could cause damage to your turfgrass while you wait for it to dry out enough so that the product can take effect.

Aerating your lawn without using a machine is a great way to care for your lawn. “If you don’t want to use a machine to aerate your lawn, there are other ways to get the job done,” says landscape expert John Smith. “You could use a garden fork or even nail shoes to your feet to make small holes in the soil.

Can I Apply Grubex To A Damp Lawn?

Grubex® is a granular insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide. It’s available in four separate formulations: Grubex® 22-3-3 (nitrogen), Grubex® 15-0-0 (phosphorus), Grubex® 0.5% Indoxacarb (insecticide), and Grubex® 4% Chelate Copper (fungicide). 

Each of these formulations contains the active ingredient indoxacarb but they also contain varying amounts of other nutrients that are essential to healthy lawns like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Grubex has two forms: granules and liquid spray. Both forms work similarly by killing pests on contact, but the liquid form is more effective in wet conditions because it does not clump like granules do when water comes into contact with them. 

In addition to killing pests on contact like many insecticides do, Grubex also prevents them from returning by destroying their eggs or larvae as well as eliminating any food source they need to survive such as grubs or termites

How Much Grubex Do I Need To Apply?

The amount of Grubex you need to apply depends on the size of your lawn and its type (grass, moss, weeds). The product label will tell you how much to use. If you have a large yard with many areas that are not completely covered with grass then it may be necessary for you to use more than what is recommended by the label because rain can wash away some of the fertilizer before it has time to take effect. 

If this happens, simply reapply more fertilizer until all areas are covered so that every bit is absorbed into the soil.

What Are The Precautions For Applying Grubex®?

Wear protective clothing and gloves. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, cuts or open wounds. Do not breathe spray mist while spraying. If you get Grubex® in your eyes, immediately flush them with water for 15 minutes then seek medical attention if irritation persists. If swallowed drink plenty of water and seek medical attention if symptoms persist more than 24 hours after ingestion.

Is it possible to aerate lawn with a pitchfork? According to Emily Jones, a landscaping advisor, “a pitchfork can do the job, but it’s a lot harder and more time-consuming than using a lawn aerator. The tines on a pitchfork are usually shorter and wider, which means you’ll have to put in more effort to create enough holes in your lawn.

Can I Use Grubex On My Lawn During Rainy Weather?

It is not recommended that you apply Grubex in wet conditions. In fact, it’s not even supposed to be applied under any circumstances if it is raining or even slightly damp outside. It is not water resistant and will wash off your lawn easily, so no matter what kind of weather you’re dealing with when it comes time for the application process, make sure that the area where you’ll apply Grubex has completely dried out before applying. 

If there are still some drops falling from the sky after applying but before waiting for at least 30 minutes for everything to dry up again (and no more than 2 hours), then those drops will cause damage instead of preventing it!

Will Grubex® Hurt My Lawn Or Plants?

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you never apply any chemical to a lawn or plant area that has been recently seeded or sodded. Grubex® should not harm your lawn or plants but it is always best to be cautious when applying any product to your lawn. Always read the label carefully before making this decision.

  • Grubex® is safe for children and pets.
  • While Grubex® will not harm them directly (it’s an insecticide), please keep children off the treated areas until they dry completely following application so they do not ingest any residue on their hands or clothes after playing where the product has been used.

Will Grubex Harm Any Animals That Live In My Yard?

No, Grubex is not toxic to animals. It will not harm any animals that live in your yard, including dogs, cats and other pets. In fact, the active ingredient of Grubex (the only ingredient) is a naturally occurring plant compound called chitinase. It comes from crustaceans and insects like crabs or crickets which are edible by most pets!

How Long Does It Take For Grubex To Work?

It can take up to 14 days for Grubex to work, so keep that in mind when you’re waiting for results. If you’re applying it in the early spring or late fall, chances are that the weather will be temperate enough for Grubex to work its wonders on your lawn within this time frame.

If you’re wondering whether wet grass can break a lawn mower, the answer is “yes”, according to garden expert Lily Chen. “Wet grass is heavy and clumps together easily, which can clog up your lawn mower’s blades and cause the engine to stall.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Using Grubex On My Lawn?

As with any chemical product, it is important to read the instructions and follow them carefully. If you have any questions or concerns about using Grubex, please contact us at 1-888-478-3332. Other than that, our best advice for you is to enjoy your beautiful lawn!

Is Grubex Water Resistant?

Yes! Grubex is water resistant it will not wash away in the rain, but it can be washed off. If you have a particularly large amount of Grubex on your lawn, or if you live where it rains frequently (like Florida), we recommend applying as soon as possible after applying to ensure that the product stays on long enough for it to work properly.

How Do I Maintain A Beautiful Lawn After Using Grubex®?

The best way to maintain a beautiful lawn after using Grubex is by keeping it mowed. You should also use a fertilizer with a low nitrogen content, because too much nitrogen will result in rapid growth of weeds and mosses. 

A fertilizer that has a high phosphorus content will prevent brown spots from appearing on your grass after applying Grubex® in the spring or fall seasons. The amount of potassium needed can be determined by calculating how many pounds of potassium are found in 100 pounds of soil (this information is usually provided on package labels). 

For instance, if 1 pound of potassium equals 100 pounds when mixed with soil then you would apply 10 pounds per 1/10th acre (1/100th acre). Lastly, you should also use fertilizers with low sodium contents which helps prevent yellowing caused by too much salt buildup in the soil due to excessive watering or rainfall during hot weather periods.”

Can I Use Grubex If My Dog Is Ingesting Fertilizer?

You can use Grubex in the same way you would use any other lawn fertilizer. However, it’s important to keep your pets away from areas where you have applied the product and to monitor them closely just in case they eat some of the granules. 

Generally speaking, worm killers like Grubex are not toxic if ingested by dogs or other pets, but if you believe that your pet may have eaten too much of this product – or if they show signs of illness after eating it – contact a veterinarian at once.

Does Grubex Work On Ants Or Termite Mounds?

Grubex is not a repellent, but it will kill ants. If you notice that your pet or children are eating ant bait, remove the bait immediately and contact your veterinarian. 

Do not apply Grubex within 100 feet of any food or water source that is used by wildlife, including fish ponds and birdbaths. Do not use near bees or other pollinating insects because they may be affected by this product.

It’s important to be cautious when using fertilizer on your lawn to avoid any damage,” says gardening advisor Rachel Lee in her guide on burning lawns with fertilizer. “To prevent burning your lawn, water it well before and after fertilizing, avoid fertilizing on hot or windy days, and do not fertilize during a drought

Is Grubex Safe For My Pets And Wildlife?

Grubex is safe for pets and wildlife. It won’t harm pets or wildlife, even if they eat the product directly. The active ingredients in Grubex are completely water soluble and will not stick to the ground or plants when applied as directed. 

If your pet does consume some of the granules, it’s best to give them a small amount of water so they don’t get dehydrated due to the salt content of Grubex (which is about 1%).


After reading this article, you should be able to make the right decision on what product to use on your lawn. There are many options available to help maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. If you have any questions about which product would work best for your situation just reach out to us we would love to help!

Lawn bags can get wet when left outside, which can cause damage to your lawn waste,” warns landscaping expert David Kim in his article on lawn bags getting wet. “To avoid this, place lawn bags in a covered area or use bags made of waterproof material.

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What is Grubex?

Grubex is a type of insecticide that is used to control the population of grubs, which are the larvae of certain types of beetles that can cause damage to lawns.

How does Grubex work?

Grubex works by killing the grubs before they have a chance to mature and cause damage to the lawn. It is generally effective against most types of grubs, including Japanese beetles and European chafers.

When is the best time to apply Grubex?

The best time to apply Grubex is in the late spring to early summer when the grubs are still small and vulnerable. This is typically around the time when the first adult beetles begin to emerge.

Can Grubex be applied to a wet lawn?

Grubex should not be applied to a wet lawn as this can reduce its effectiveness and cause it to wash away. It is recommended to apply Grubex when the lawn is dry and the soil is moist.

Is Grubex safe for pets?

Grubex can be harmful to pets if ingested, so it is important to keep pets away from the treated area until it has had a chance to dry completely. It is also important to follow the application instructions carefully to minimize the risk of harm.