Can You Cut A Lawn With A Strimmer? (Landscaping Advice)

You don’t have to mow your lawn by hand. You can use a strimmer. A strimmer is a tool that lets you trim the edges of your lawn and leaves you with a well-manicured garden. The question is, how do you start using a strimmer?

Proper lawn care, including mowing and trimming, is essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn.
The tools you use can make a big difference in the outcome of your lawn care routine.
Lawnmowers tend to produce a neater finish compared to strimmers, but strimmers can avoid obstacles, are highly manoeuvrable, and highly applicable in tighter spaces.
It’s essential to follow proper mowing and trimming techniques to avoid damaging your lawn, such as avoiding mowing too short or cutting wet grass.
Regular maintenance to your garden tools, including cleaning, oiling and sharpening your blades, will keep your tools running efficiently and lasting longer.

Can You Cut A Lawn With A Strimmer?

You can use a strimmer to cut grass, weeds and overgrown hedges. You can also use it for trimming your lawn by just pushing it along, or you can attach a line trimmer head if you want to get into more detail.

If you have a large garden with paths through it then this may be the ideal tool for that job as well because all types of weeds are kept away from the grass when using a strimmer.

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What Is The Best Thing About A Strimmer?

The best thing about a strimmer is that it can be used for other things. You can use it for cutting the lawn, but you can also use it to cut brush and weeds. 

It’s perfect for people who are looking for a way to keep their property looking neat without having to spend hours doing so by hand.

Another great thing about using a strimmer is that you don’t need any experience with power tools in order to operate one successfully. If you have the physical ability and strength required, then anyone can use one without issue!

How to Cut Grass with String Trimmer

How Does A Strimmer Work?

A strimmer is a tool that uses a rotating blade to cut grass and other vegetation. It runs on electricity and is used by pushing it along the ground. 

The blades are often adjustable so you can adjust them to different heights so you can use it when trimming your lawn, cutting weeds or clearing areas in your garden (it’s very useful for clearing paths!).

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Strimmer?

  • You will be able to cut the grass faster with a strimmer than you would with a lawn mower.
  • You will use less fuel and therefore produce less pollution when using a strimmer than if you were using a lawn mower.
  • They are easier to use than most other types of mowers, making them ideal for people who have limited mobility or strength in their arms, shoulders or hands.

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What Other Things Can You Do With A Strimmer?

If you’re looking for a way to trim your lawn, you should consider getting a strimmer. While we’re sure that some people may be able to use their standard lawn mower for this job, it’s true that the majority of people will find that using a strimmer is much easier and more convenient. 

But just what can you do with your new strimmer? Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Trim hedges and bushes
  • Clear away leaves from your garden or yard
  • Cut back overgrown trees

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Strimmer?

The cost of running a strimmer depends on several factors: how often you use it, what type of batteries your strimmer uses and the length of time you’re using it for.

To help you save money on power bills, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the cost of running your strimmer.

First, look at which type of battery you have. If possible, switch to rechargeable batteries as these will last longer than disposable ones and are cheaper in the long run because they don’t need replacing after each use! 

You may also be able to buy cheaper second hand rechargeable batteries if buying new ones isn’t an option right now due to budget constraints (although if this is something that happens regularly throughout its lifespan then it might still be worth investing in).

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Strimmer?

There are many different types of strimmers available, so it’s important to first understand what you need before making a purchase. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option then there are plenty of used models available in good condition at reasonable prices. 

However, if you don’t mind paying the extra cost for peace of mind then a new strimmer with a warranty will provide better value for money.

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Is There Anything Else I Need To Know Before Buying A Strimmer?

Before you make your purchase, there are a few other things to consider. First and foremost, if you’re going to be using the strimmer for any length of time then it’s important that you can use it well. If not, then there’s no point buying one at all. 

You’ll want to make sure that your chosen model is easy enough to use so that anyone in the family can use it when needed. Though proper maintenance will prevent most problems from arising in the first place, if something does go wrong while using a strimmer then they can be tricky pieces of equipment to fix yourself unless you know exactly what needs doing. 

Luckily most manufacturers offer support services which include repairs or even replacement parts should anything happen unexpectedly (be sure not only check whether these are available but also their cost). 

Finally – perhaps surprisingly given how simple they seem -strimmers come with sharp blades which need regular sharpening over time (and sometimes very quickly too!). 

It doesn’t take long once mastered though so don’t worry too much about this aspect either way; just keep an eye out for signs such as excessive vibrations while running along surfaces without cutting them properly due

Can I Use My Strimmer In The Rain And Snow?

You can use your strimmer in the rain and snow, but it’s important to keep the strimmer dry before you use it. If it gets wet, be sure to dry it completely so that no moisture gets into any parts of the machine.

You should never use a wet strimmer because water can cause corrosion inside the engine and damage its electrical components. 

You should also wear protective clothing during use as this will help protect against injury caused by flying debris or broken blades when trimming near trees with bushes around them

What Is The Difference Between A Strimmer And A Lawn Mower?

A strimmer is a hand-held device that trims grass and weeds. It is used on lawns in between mowing sessions, whereas a mower is self-propelled and used for larger areas, such as fields.

The main difference between them is their size – strimmers are much smaller than the average motorized lawnmower. 

They can be easily carried around the garden and allow you to get into those hard-to-reach areas where your hand won’t fit with ease. 

As it’s powered by electricity or petrol (gas), strimmers can also cut through thick undergrowth as well as long grasses up to 2″ (5 cm). If you have an area of overgrown weeds or long grass on your property then this machine will come in handy!

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What Are The Different Types Of Strimmers?

There are many different types of strimmers available. You can choose from a variety of makes, models and sizes when it comes to buying one for your garden or home.

A brushcutter is designed specifically for cutting through thick bushes and undergrowth. It has a wide blade width which slices through any type of vegetation without damaging it, making them ideal for clearing out areas that are overgrown with shrubs or brambles. 

They are also known as grass trimmers because they have a wider cutting head than normal string trimmers (which is why they’re better at dealing with long grass).

A hedge trimmer is used by homeowners who need help pruning their hedges down to size or shaping them into specific shapes like squares, rectangles or circles.

Weed whackers are small handheld devices that allow you control over the height at which you trim your lawn.

String trimmers have adjustable blades so that you can control how much length is left behind after trimming each area.

Which Type Of Strimmer Is Best For Me?

When it comes to strimmers, there are a variety of different types and sizes available. You need to consider the size of your garden and lawns when choosing what type is best for you. 

If you have a large area to cut, then a petrol-powered machine may be more suitable for you than an electric model would be. 

Electric models tend to take longer than their petrol counterparts due to having smaller engines and fewer blade speeds – but they are much cheaper, they’re quieter too!

There are also combi strimmers: these combine both cutting blades with brushcutters on one frame. 

They not only look great but also work brilliantly in clearing out long grasses or bushes from around hedges or fences where other simple machines couldn’t reach before now!

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How Much Does A Strimmer Cost?

  • Types of strimmers – There are various types of strimmers and they all have different features.
  • Types of blades – Blades can be made from plastic or metal, with the metal ones usually lasting longer but being heavier.
  • Attachment options – Different attachments allow you to achieve different results when trimming your lawn, such as wider cutting widths or shorter lengths.
  • Motor type – You may find that a petrol strimmer offers additional power than an electric one, but there are other factors to consider as well such as weight and noise level before making your final decision on which motor type is best for you.
  • Fuel tanks – This may not always be an issue depending on how much trimming needs doing each week/month etc., but it’s worth considering when buying because some will hold more fuel than others so if this matters then choose wisely! If not then maybe look at other things instead like weight/noise level etc…

Do I Need To Register My New Strimmer?

You will need to register your new strimmer within 10 days of purchase. You can do this online or via a phone call. This is a legal requirement and all manufacturers make it as easy as possible for you to do this. 

It’s also important that you provide the serial number and model number of your new machine so they know which model it is, so we recommend keeping these details somewhere safe in the event you are asked for them.

Can I Use A Strimmer In Different Weather Conditions?

You can use a strimmer in different weather conditions, but you need to be careful. It’s not recommended that you use your strimmer outside during the rain or snow as this can damage the machine and risk injury from electrocution. 

Strong winds will also affect how effectively your machine cuts through long grass and weeds, so avoid trimming when there are high winds forecasted for your area. 

Extreme temperatures will cause parts of your machine to wear down quickly, so only use it between 7am and 6pm during milder months (between 1 March and 30 September), when temperatures are above 5°C.

What Kind Of Grass Can A Strimmer Cut?

This is a question that comes up quite often, so let’s clear it up once and for all!

A strimmer can cut grass, weeds and hedges. It won’t do anything with trees or shrubs though. Also avoid briars and brambles – these are too tough for even the most powerful strimmers.

 If you have long grass (more than 2 inches), wait until it gets shorter before using your strimmer to get rid of it. 

If your lawn has thick grass then wait until later in the year when it has died back before using a strimmer on it as well as wet lawns (you’ll just cause clumps).

How Do I Start My New Strimmer For The First Time?

Check the oil and fuel levels

The first thing you should do when starting your new strimmer is to make sure that the oil and fuel levels are good. 

If they’re not, then there may be some problems with your engine later on down the line. It’s also important that you don’t overfill it either; this could cause damage to other parts of your trimmer as well as potentially being dangerous for its operator.

Set The Throttle Position To “Idle”

Next up, check if your throttle position is set correctly by looking at its indicator on each side of it (it’ll have one for each side). 

How Do I Trim The Height Of My Lawn With A Strimmer?

When it comes time to trim the height of your lawn with a strimmer, there are two main ways you can do so: manually and automatically. In both cases, you will need to open up the cover for the blade that sits on top of your machine (known as a head). 

This should be done before starting your device so that it can be ready once you begin working.

To adjust the height manually, simply loosen or tighten bolts located around each side of this part depending on what level you want your lawn cut at. 

There is usually also some kind of marking on each side which indicates how long grass should be left after cutting so if there’s not already one there then make sure that both sides match up when determining how long your lawn should remain uncut after initial trimming has been completed! 

Once finished making adjustments then tighten them back into place using tools provided by manufacturer in order ensure secure attachment between parts.”

How Do I Start Trimming My Lawn With A Strimmer?

Before you start trimming your lawn with a strimmer, make sure that all the safety features are working properly. This includes checking that:

  • The blade is sharp and in good condition. If not, replace it with a new one before using the strimmer again (see below).
  • There are no loose parts on the machine such as screws or nuts that could cause injury if they fell off while in use. If any parts seem damaged, replace them immediately to avoid injury while using your strimmer again (see below).

How Do I Maintain And Sharpen My New Strimmer Blades?

How To Sharpen Your New Strimmer Blades

  • Use a sharpening stone or file to sharpen your blades. You can find these at most hardware stores and home improvement centers, including Lowe’s and Home Depot.
  • Be sure not to over-sharpen your blades as this will cause them to break easily when using them.


I hope that you have found this guide useful, and it has given you a good idea of the different types of strimmers on the market. 

If you are still unsure about which one to buy then I would recommend either buying from a well known brand or going for something cheap at first until you get used to using them. 

It is also important not to go overboard with spending too much money on features when starting out as they will not be necessary at first.

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How often should you mow your lawn?

There is no fixed schedule for mowing your lawn, but the rule of thumb is to trim it approximately every two weeks. Alternatively, keep it above 2 inches in length if you want to mow it less frequently.

Can you use a strimmer to cut the grass?

Yes, you can use a strimmer to cut grass. However, it might not give you the neat finish that a lawnmower would produce.

Is it better to bag or leave grass clippings on the lawn?

It’s better to leave the grass clippings on the lawn since they act as a natural fertilizer, restoring nutrients to the soil.

Can you mow the lawn after rain?

It’s not advisable to mow your lawn right after it rains. Wet grass blades tend to clog under the lawnmower, making it hard to achieve an even cut.

Is it necessary to sharpen the lawnmower blades?

Yes, it’s necessary to sharpen your lawnmower blades periodically to ensure they cut cleanly and efficiently. Dull blades tend to rip the grass rather than cut it cleanly.