How Do You Do Backyard Movie Night? (Experience)

Transform your backyard into the ultimate entertainment space with a backyard movie night experience. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from setting up the perfect outdoor screen to creating a cozy atmosphere.

While you’re at it, consider how to put up lights in your backyard for additional ambiance, and explore ways to enjoy your backyard with friends for even more fun. Immerse yourself in our articles and create unforgettable memories in your outdoor oasis.

How to set-up the perfect outdoor movie night
Choose the Right Equipment
Create a Comfortable Seating Arrangement
Set Up the Screen
Create a Cozy Atmosphere
Prepare Refreshments

Set Up Your Projector

Make sure you have a projector.

Make sure the projector is in good working order.

Ensure that your power source is strong enough to power the projectors light output, or if you’re using an external AC adapter, make sure it’s compatible with your device before plugging in any cables or wires.

Lighting can create the perfect ambiance for any backyard event. Learn how to hang lights in a backyard with ease by checking out our guide on hanging backyard globe lights for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Outdoor Entertainment Equipment

ProjectorsTips for selecting the right projector for your outdoor movie night
ScreensTypes of screens and how to set them up
Audio SystemsSpeakers and sound equipment for optimal movie viewing experience
SeatingOutdoor seating options for a comfortable movie night
LightingDifferent lighting options to enhance the outdoor atmosphere

Set Up Your Sound

Once you’ve settled on the movie, it’s time to get the sound system set up. If you’re going to use a wired speaker system, then all that’s left is plugging them in and setting them up. 

If you’re using a portable battery pack or Bluetooth speaker, however, there are some additional things you’ll want to consider.

First of all: this isn’t just about getting good quality movie sounds it’s also about getting good quality music! 

So if you’re playing an album or playlist off Spotify or Apple Music (or whatever streaming service works best for your family), make sure that the music plays through another source besides just YouTube videos. 

This will help keep everyone entertained and make sure your backyard movie night feels more like a party than an event designed solely for watching movies on YouTube.

Secondly: don’t forget about lighting! While ambient lighting from inside houses or street lights can be enough for most people during daytime events like this one (especially when they have other sources of light as well)

Low-light levels might be too dim for certain activities such as karaoke or board games; so be sure not only have ample lighting around but also know where it comes from so you can turn it off when needed without disrupting anyone else’s fun!

Pick the Movie

Once you’ve got your guests, the next step is to pick the movie. The key here is to pick something that’s appropriate for the age of your audience, as well as for the time of year and weather. 

If it’s cold out, or raining, you don’t want everyone huddled up in blankets with a horror movie that might scare them.

You also need a movie that has some kind of theme or meaning related to backyard movie night itself ideally one that gets people talking while they’re watching it! 

A good example would be Back To The Future II; this film has everything we need: humor especially when Marty McFly travels back in time (and ends up breaking his parents’ marriage), suspense (when Doc Brown shows off his new flying DeLorean), drama (when Biff Tannen steals money from him) and even romance (between Marty and Jennifer Parker). 

All these elements make for an entertaining evening under the stars!

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Make Popcorn and Snacks


Unlike other snacks, popcorn is usually a little bit more involved to make. This can be due to the fact that you need to own a popcorn maker, or it can be because of the time it takes for the corn kernels to pop once they have been heated. 

Either way, the end result is worth all that time and effort! A lot of people prefer their homemade popcorn salted just right so that they can enjoy every bite while watching their favorite movie. Popcorn makers come in many different sizes but most will fit into your kitchen cupboard or cabinet (if you have space) without taking up too much room. 

You might also want to consider getting one with different settings so you can make small batches if needed. 

One other thing about making popcorn: DON’T FORGET THE OIL! You don’t want burnt kernels floating around in your bowl when everyone else is enjoying theirs!


Snacks are an essential part of any movie night experience and not just because they help fill up hungry bellies between scenes! 

They’re great for bringing down tension from nervousness over what’s about to happen next onscreen; if anything goes wrong during production then no worries because there’s always another handful at hand! 

Try adding some variety as well by offering both salty and sweet options along with dip options like ranch dressing or ketchup packets (don’t forget napkins).

Refreshments Ideas

SnacksIdeas for quick, easy and delicious snacks to enjoy during your backyard movie night
DrinksNon-alcoholic and alcoholic drink ideas for all ages
DessertsSweet treats to enjoy during intermission or after the movie
DIY IdeasDIY snack and drink ideas for a personalized touch to your backyard movie night

Get Seating or Blankets

Make sure you have plenty of seating available for your guests. If you don’t have enough chairs, people may end up sitting on the ground or standing around awkwardly. 

Bring out folding chairs and some blankets or pillows if there is room in your backyard. You can also bring out a couple of beanbags to sit on.

If it’s warm enough, consider setting up blankets so people can lounge on them while they watch their favorite movie!

Even small backyards can be transformed into a cozy retreat with the right ideas. Check out our easy guide on making a small backyard more inviting for tips on maximizing your space and creating a comfortable environment for you and your guests.”

Bring Pest Control

Insects are attracted to light, so be sure to bring a bug zapper or insect repellent. And if you’re worried about keeping the bugs away from your back yard movie night, you can always use mosquito netting or citronella candles.

Darken the Yard

The first step to a great backyard movie night is to take the time to get it dark. You can do this in a number of ways:

Use a projector with a built-in screen. This is the easiest way to go, but you’ll have to be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly. You should also make sure that someone doesn’t accidentally steal it!

Use an external screen with a remote control (if you don’t mind having wires all over everywhere).

 If you want something more portable than the above option and don’t mind having some wires hanging around, consider getting an external projector screen that comes with its own remote control system. 

This will let guests change the size of their viewing experience if they so choose—and it’s easy enough for anyone who knows how to use one!

“Lighting is an essential aspect of any backyard event. Check out our guide on lighting your backyard for a party to learn about different lighting options and techniques to create the perfect atmosphere for your next gathering.

Set the Mood With Lights

Setting the mood is important if you want everyone to enjoy themselves. While a movie night wouldn’t be complete without popcorn and candy, it’s the little details that will make your backyard movie night exceptional. 

You can set the mood by using lights in various ways. Candles are a great option for creating ambient lighting, but string lights and lanterns provide even more flexibility for creating different atmospheres. 

Solar lights can be placed around your yard or inside your home so that they automatically come on when it gets dark out (no electricity needed). 

Fire pits not only add warmth but also provide an inviting glow to any backyard party or get-together. 

Glow sticks are great fun if you have children at your party because they are inexpensive and easy to use!

Keep It Clean

Once you’ve watched your movie and gathered the last of your party supplies, it’s time to clean up.

Clean up before you leave

You should always make sure that you have the cleanest yard possible before leaving. That way, when guests come over for another outdoor movie night, they won’t see a bunch of popcorn kernels or spilled drinks scattered about. 

Plus, if you can get everything put away without having anyone help with the cleanup (because who needs more people hanging around?), it’s an easy task that doesn’t take too much time or energy!

Use a broom to sweep up popcorn kernels

There are few things as annoying as stepping on a stray kernel while trying to walk into your house after an evening at home watching movies with friends and there’s no need for this unpleasantness when it comes to cleaning up after yourself at backyard movies! 

So grab that broom from inside and start making sure there aren’t any hidden surprises waiting for unsuspecting bare feet between now and next time you want some fun in the sun with friends.

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Prepare the Night Before

You want to set everything up before your guests arrive, so they can enjoy the evening without worrying about moving furniture or setting up equipment.

You don’t need to do it all in one night if you’ve been invited over for a movie night, ask ahead of time if you can help out with some of the prep work. 

Here’s what you’ll need to get ready:

  • Set Up Your Projector
  • Set Up Your Sound System
  • Pick the Movie (and Pick Up Treats)


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with for your backyard movie night. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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What do I need to host a backyard movie night?

To host a backyard movie night, you will need a few essential items, including a projector, a screen or blank wall to project onto, and some comfortable seating for your guests. You may also want to consider providing snacks and drinks, lighting, and blankets or cushions for added comfort.

How do I set up a projector for outdoor use?

Setting up a projector for outdoor use can be a bit more challenging than using it indoors. You will need a bright projector, a stable surface to place it on, and some kind of screen or surface to project onto. Outdoor screens, white sheets, and even the side of a light-colored building can all work as surfaces to project onto.

What are some good outdoor seating options for a backyard movie night?

When it comes to outdoor seating for a backyard movie night, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some popular choices include lawn chairs, bean bags, outdoor sofas, and even DIY pallet seating. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and offers good sightlines to the screen.

How can I make my backyard movie night experience more comfortable?

To make your backyard movie night experience more comfortable, consider providing plenty of seating options, blankets or cushions, and snacks and drinks. You can also create a cozy atmosphere by adding lighting, such as string lights or lanterns, and incorporating natural elements, such as plants and flowers.

How do I choose the right movie for my backyard movie night?

When choosing a movie for your backyard movie night, consider the preferences of your guests and the overall vibe of the event. If you’re hosting a family-friendly gathering, a classic animated movie or a beloved family favorite may be the perfect choice.

For a more mature audience, consider a cult classic or a recent blockbuster hit. You can also choose a theme for your movie night, such as a romantic comedy or a spooky horror flick, to add to the fun.

How can I create a good sound system for my backyard movie night?

Creating a good sound system for your backyard movie night can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with outdoor noise or other distractions.

You will need a speaker system that’s powerful enough to fill your outdoor space with sound and can connect to your projector or other media device.

You may also want to consider investing in a portable sound system or a soundbar that can be mounted to your projector or screen.

What are some fun activities to add to a backyard movie night?

In addition to watching a movie, there are plenty of fun activities you can add to your backyard movie night to make it a memorable event.

Some ideas include setting up a DIY photo booth, playing lawn games like cornhole or giant Jenga, or serving themed snacks and drinks. You can also create a cozy atmosphere by providing blankets and pillows for your guests to snuggle up with.

How can I decorate my backyard for a movie night?

Decorating your backyard for a movie night can be a fun way to add to the atmosphere and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Some ideas include hanging string lights or lanterns for a warm and cozy glow, setting up a DIY snack or drink station, or using props or decorations that tie into the theme of the movie you’re showing.

How can I make my backyard movie night experience more eco-friendly?

To make your backyard movie night experience more eco-friendly, consider using LED string lights or solar-powered lighting options, using biodegradable plates and utensils for snacks and drinks, and choosing a movie that promotes environmental awareness or sustainability.

You can also encourage your guests to carpool or bike to the event to reduce carbon emissions.