How Do You Remake A Backyard? (Easy Tips)

Revamping your backyard doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our article is packed with easy tips to remake your backyard, transforming it into a functional and beautiful space.

To further enhance your outdoor area, you might consider putting turf down in your backyard or setting up a backyard party with pro tips. Unleash your creativity with our helpful resources and turn your backyard into a personal paradise.

How to Transform Your Backyard on an Extreme Budget
Choose the right plants
Incorporate outdoor lighting
Add comfortable outdoor furniture
Consider adding water features
Make use of garden beds

Add Trees And Plants

If you want to add some trees and plants to your backyard, know that they can do a lot more than simply add color. 

Trees and plants are great for helping create privacy, reduce noise, provide shade from the sun and give off a sense of serenity. A mix of different types will work best depending on what’s important to you.

If you’re looking to create a more private space in your backyard, our easy guide on making a small backyard private has got you covered. From fencing to plant selection, we share tips and tricks to help you create a tranquil retreat.

Popular Backyard Plants

HostasGreat for adding texture and color to shaded areas
LavenderAdds a calming scent and can help repel insects
SucculentsLow-maintenance plants that come in many unique shapes and sizes
HydrangeasBeautiful flowering shrubs that can add a pop of color to your yard
TomatoesEasy to grow and produce delicious fruit
PeoniesGorgeous, fragrant flowers that can bloom for several weeks
Japanese mapleA stunning tree with unique foliage that can add visual interest to any backyard
Black-eyed SusansBright and cheerful flowers that can attract pollinators
Butterfly bushesAttracts butterflies and hummingbirds with its sweet fragrance and colorful flowers
Ornamental grassesAdds texture and movement to your yard, and can help prevent erosion

Divide The Garden Into Sections

You’ll want to divide your garden into sections so that you can easily manage it and keep track of what’s growing where. 

One great way is to use edging, which is cheap and easy to install. It will divide your garden into distinct areas that are easy to distinguish from one another as well as make it easier for you, or anyone else who helps maintain your yard, clean up after each section has been harvested or planted with new crops.

Consider how much sun each area gets throughout the day and plant accordingly.

Do some research on each type of plant so that you know how much sunlight they need (if any) in order for them grow properly – especially if they’re ones who need lots of sunshine because they won’t flourish otherwise!

Hide The Fence To Create A Secret Garden

If your yard is fenced in and you don’t want to lose that feel, use a trellis, pergola or another structure to create a focal point of some sort. 

Then plant vines and other plants on it so that they cover up the fence in the background (this will give people who enter your yard the impression that there’s no fence at all). 

You may also want to consider using an arbor or gate as well—just make sure these are made from strong material so they don’t blow over when storms hit!

Wondering how much it costs to incorporate rocks into your backyard landscaping? Our guide on the cost of backyard rocks breaks down the factors that affect pricing and provides helpful tips for choosing the right rocks for your space.

Plant A Carpet Of Flowers

A good way to make your yard feel more like a park is to plant a carpet of flowers. The key idea here is that you’re going to want to plant them all at once, so that they look uniform and orderly. 

You could even consider making different colors in different parts of your garden.

Plant the flowers between mid-September and early October. While there are some flower varieties that can withstand frost, most will die if they experience temperatures below 40 degrees F (4 degrees C).

Use Color To Make A Statement

Color is a powerful tool for making your backyard sing. Using color is an easy way to create a focal point that draws the eye, make a statement about your style and evoke moods in guests.

Here are some ideas:

Use color to define space. If you have several different areas of the backyard, use paint or outdoor carpeting to separate them from each other.

Use color to create focal points around which people will congregate during parties and barbecues, such as an outdoor dining table or play area for kids with slides and swings set up under big shady trees (or both!).

Use bright colors like reds or pinks on furniture pieces like benches or tables so that they stand out against a green lawn or decking material painted white

Tips for Installing Outdoor Lighting

Plan the layoutDecide where you want to install your lights and how many you need. Consider adding lights to walkways, patios, and other high-traffic areas.
Choose the right typeDecide if you want solar-powered or hardwired lights. Solar-powered lights are easy to install, while hardwired lights may require professional help.
Pick the right bulbsConsider the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs. Warm white bulbs are great for creating a cozy atmosphere, while cool white bulbs are better for security lighting.
Use timers and sensorsInstall timers and motion sensors to save energy and improve security. These can be especially useful for lighting up walkways and driveways at night.

Create An Entrance With Arches Or Pergolas

To create a more inviting entrance, add a door to the fence or build a gate from wood or metal that leads into your backyard. It’s also possible to integrate an arbor or pergola a structure with beams and rafters that supports climbing vines into your entrance.

Transporting concrete to your backyard may seem daunting, but with our helpful tips and tricks, it can be a breeze. Check out our guide on transporting concrete to your backyard for expert advice on equipment, preparation, and safety.

Build A Rock Garden For Low Maintenance

One of the best ways to make your backyard more interesting is by adding a rock garden. A rock garden is an excellent way to add color and texture, as well as provide a space for you to relax in privacy. 

To create a rock garden, you will need some rocks of different sizes and shapes, along with plants that are suited for growing on top of loose soil or rocks. 

If you have access to water nearest where the sun hits your yard (or if there’s already water), consider creating a stream or waterfall in this area so that it flows over some rocks toward another area where roots won’t be disturbed by moving water. 

You can also add mosses and ferns between boulders if they’re available locally; these plants thrive when they have access to moisture but not too much direct sunlight since they prefer cooler temperatures than most flowers do.

To make sure everything stays healthy while still looking great as years go by and lasts longer than plastic planters would create holes where necessary before placing any new plants into them so they don’t rot under pressure from above ground. 

Use only organic substances such as compost from kitchen waste bins because using fertilizers could trigger allergies among those who aren’t used eat certain foods regularly (like people who are vegan).

Choose Contrasting Shapes And Textures For Interest.

When you’re planning your backyard makeover, don’t be afraid to experiment with contrast. To create a bold statement in your space, try pairing two or more elements that are dramatically different from one another. 

For example, if you choose a bright modern color scheme for the decking and seating areas, use a more traditional or earthy material for the walls and fences. 

Or use one large piece of furniture (such as an oversized sofa) in place of multiple smaller pieces scattered around the yard.

This contrast can also be created by using contrasting shapes like circular seats versus square chairs and using natural materials like timber or stone paving alongside man-made materials such as cement pavers or plastic decking.

Looking to update your backyard with a modern aesthetic? Our pro tips for creating a modern backyard will inspire you to add sleek lines, minimalistic features, and bold pops of color to your outdoor space.

Create A Walkway As Part Of Your Design

For safety reasons, a walkway is important to any backyard design. In addition to serving as a pathway for your guests and pets, walkways also serve as a way for you to connect the different parts of your yard together. 

To create an inviting space that is both functional and beautiful, consider using one or more of these materials for your walkway:

  • pavers are durable and easy to install
  • stone can be used in both small areas or large areas of stone pavers
  • brick can add elegance when used in combination with other materials; they’re also easy on the eyes!

Bring In Fun Elements Such As A Pond, Fountain Or Chandelier.

One of the easiest ways to make your backyard a more livable space is by adding elements that are fun and functional. 

A pond, fountain or chandelier can add interest to your yard while also improving the functionality of it.

If you want to add water features in your yard, consider adding a pond. Ponds are great for fish or other aquatic animals and are easy to maintain because they don’t require much attention unless there is a plant that needs watering or an animal that needs feeding. 

Ponds also give off beautiful reflections in sunlight as well as lights up at night when lit with lamps underneath them.

If you’d rather have sound instead of visuals in your backyard then consider installing a fountain instead of a pond. 

Fountains make pleasant sounds from splashing water which makes them great for relaxing at night after work but also works well during the day time when you’re having friends over for lunch outside on sunny days! 

They’re also great because most fountains don’t need much maintenance either so once installed it’ll take care itself even through harsh winters (as long as there is enough snow) without fail every year!”

A backyard terrace can be a beautiful addition to any home, but building one can be tricky. Our guide on building a backyard terrace provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for designing, preparing, and constructing your dream outdoor oasis.

Use Recycled Materials To Upcycle

Upcycling is a great way to use recycled materials and create something new. You can use old pallets, wine barrels, or crates to make a garden feature. 

You can also use old furniture and decor to create a new look. If you have an old window frame laying around that isn’t being used anymore or that you no longer need—take it apart and turn it into a planter!

Creating A Great Backyard Depends On The Details

The details are what make the difference between a good backyard and a great backyard. 

Details can be used to create a focal point, like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit; they can be used to create privacy, like hedges or fences; or they can be used to create space, such as large trees or flowerbeds. 

But most importantly, details can add style to your yard so that it feels like you’re spending time in an elegant country home instead of an average suburban backyard.

When creating your vision for your new garden paradise, it’s important not to forget about these small yet essential elements!


Creating your dream backyard doesn’t have to be complicated. With these tips and tricks, you can create something beautiful that fits your style and needs. 

Whether it’s a secret garden in the corner or a colorful walkway leading up to your door, there are plenty of ways to make this space feel like home!

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How can I make my backyard look bigger?

To make a small backyard look bigger, use landscaping to create the illusion of depth and space. Use diagonal lines and varying heights to create visual interest and make the area feel larger.

How can I add privacy to my backyard?

Adding a fence, installing privacy screens, and planting tall hedges or trees can all help add privacy to a backyard. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a privacy solution.

How do I choose the right plants for my backyard?

Consider the specific conditions of your backyard, including sunlight exposure, soil type, and climate. Choose plants that are well-suited to these conditions and that will complement the overall look and feel of your backyard.

Can I build a backyard pond myself?

Yes, it’s possible to build a backyard pond as a DIY project. However, it’s important to research and follow proper guidelines for pond construction to ensure the safety and health of any aquatic life.

What are some budget-friendly ways to upgrade my backyard?

Adding new plants or repurposing existing ones, installing outdoor lighting, adding seating or a fire pit, and DIY projects such as building a garden bed or upcycling furniture can all be budget-friendly ways to upgrade your backyard.